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So I read through this whole thread, and came to a question. Why? Do people really use so much varied consecutive tooling that this would be warranted. Second, why is it not a powerhammer or a setup i

Well Put Mike The Wright brothers was an entirely new(ish) invention, this one is old. Anvils like this are fairly old designs, used when strikers were the power hammers hence why it was complex

Why do people try new things? To test ideas, to see if they can improve on a tool or a process that can benefit many or just themselves. You could ask this question about a lot of different thing

Interesting, started this thread exactly one month ago as just a mental exercise and now two anvils are finished! Well, I gotta make the feet and the top stuff, but the blocks are done. Way cool. Right now I'm leaning toward "MEDUSA" the multi-headed anvil!

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Introducing the ANVOLUTION by OCP.
Functional. Versital. Affordable. Expandable.
The ANVOLUTION is modern alternative to the Londan Pattern anvil capable of being customized to YOUR specific needs.
Designed by an R&D team with literally hundreds of years of blacksmithing experience.
Proudly made in the USA.

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Medusa sounds like a winner IMHO - especially when you consider that you have already worked out your advertising/marketing tag line ... the graphics will be easy to work out ... now you just need a color scheme. So, you sell a "basic" anvil, include whatever you know will work as a starter kit for the first purchase and then sell'em all the extra goodies that will be needed. Run annual specials for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines and .... well, Merry Christmas Grant!

May I be bold enough to suggest a half size unit for those of us on a limited budget ... can it be done with just two slots and at a 150# weight at a cost/profit point that makes business sense ... a Mini-Medusa or Medusa's Daughter?

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jrhd: What are you doing up so late on a school night? Well, looks like you been thinking, alright. Or all night. I like the promo. Might end up giving away lotsa tongs here. "Revolution Anvil" I like. If I use that you'll still get credit. Hmm, Anvolution or even Anvilution.

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I know that you are in the final, final stages of your design ... as your photos show. Just trying to plant a seed for the future ... some of us won't be able to afford the fare for one like you are building ... maybe later when you have finished with this project you could find a way to craft a smaller unit.

In answer to your question, I would give up the horn first ... a hardy would allow lotsa bicks and other tools as does using the slotted die concept ... your thought about the horn/flat/hardy/bolster die meets many needs in less space of course ... a die fitting over a cut out with a hardy hole at the bottom might work ... it seems that the possibilities remain endless ... can't wait to see one of your finished products sitting on a pallet waiting to be shipped out! Thanks for letting all of us share in your project!

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Medusa isn't bad at all but she had one ugly head.

How about Blacksmithing Hydra? The monster with multiple heads..
Cut one off and two spring forth

Geez maybe I should have stayed in bed.

This has been a great thread to watch and participate in.

Thanks for asking us Grant


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I've been thinking about a 3 slot about 150#. Make it a square block, no overhang for the pritchel, and instead put the hardy and a European tail with the pritchel and hardy in the right slot, a flat in the middle, and a butcher/ drawing radius/ stubby horn in the left slot. Yes, that's 3 shapes on the left die, and the right die needs enough beef to take punching without being well backed.

But the dies are the most expensive part of this, so price may not be that reasonable for the smaller unit.


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Here's some more name fodder (I could use some tongs, myself!):

1. The PLETHORA-one tool, many options.

2. Grant's Adapt-O-Block - How you move metal just got changed.

3. The EVOLUTION-even tools can evolve. (I Know, close to anvolution).

4. Swagecutfullerous Drawbendmaximus-retire your old dinosaur, there's a new beast in the wild.

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