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Rookie questions about gas forges


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I am considering buying a gas forge but may build one and have some questions for you fine folks. Please forgive me if my terminology is not 100%

1. Normally aspirated or blower ?
2. Favourite brand names ?
3. Design with regards to doors etc if built or bought
4. 2 burner or 3
5. Is a bought forge any better than one I can fab myself ?
ps: Thanks to everyone that makes this site possible, I can't believe the wealth of information here and the talented people. I am glad to be here.

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Most of those questions require more information from *YOU* to be answerable.

What will you be doing and how much of it?
Do you like to build/tweak stuff and do you have the skills and access to tools?
How will you be working?


like me asking you what car I should buy without telling you if I have to tow a trailer or will be commuting 200 miles a day. Sure we could all spend time typing in answers that may have no bearing on your situation but why waste *our* time?

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The answer is... it depends.

First decide what you want to use the gas forge for. My Wisper Momma is fine for general smithing but does not get hot enough for knife work. I expect that I will eventually build at least one or more gas forges specifically for one intended use, and at least one of those will be to make Damascus. There are a lot of good plans out there, and you can even purchase complete burners. Another option to consider is the possibility of having shut-off valves on each burner so that you can choose how many burners are on for a given operation. Size of the forge area is another consideration. A smaller forge uses less fuel, so if you are making a lot of stuff the length and shape of a knife, then using a forge that is many times too big can use a lot of expensive fuel unnecessarily. Having multiple forges designed for specific operations is an option for people that wish to conserve fuel but have a wider range of items produced.

So the answer tends to be to focus on what you want to make, what skills and equipment you have that can be used to make gas forges. The end result is that if you ask different people their answers are likely to reflect their needs, experience with gas forges, what they are making, and what tools and experience they have in making gas forges.

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I like natural aspiration, but it is more finicky than blown. There are no moving parts, and no additional power sources.

Building a forge costs similar to buying, if you have to buy parts at retail, but you end up with a product you are intimately familiar with and are able to repair, rebuild or remake with little effort. If you are an exceptionally good scrounger, building will cost significantly less.

If building is what moves you, then its worth it. If using is more important then buying will be more satisfying.


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Hi William,

The previous comments are all valid.

I am also relativley new to the craft. I found a used NC Tool forge, 2 burner that I bought cheap and refurbished (new liner and fire brick).

The fire box is not large...about 12" x 6' x 3" but by manipluating the stock I am able to work some good sized pieces. It has a door in the back to allow long bars to pass through.

It gets plenty hot and a third burner would just mean more gas use. If you need something larger I suggest you design your own, as you can make it a fixed size or expandable depending on your needs.

I'm not sure what you mean by "doors". My forge has none (except the back). Some have only end flaps. The front is open...that's typical and any type of door would be a nuisance.

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Sorry for the lack of info gentlemen.
I don't foresee me doing anything big. I would like to learn pattern welding for knives and to learn to make smaller pieces etc. I have been doing research and I have been finding people saying that they like this forge and that forge but it doesn't get hot enough to weld in etc etc. So I guess I seek info on a smaller forge for more art type work that is hot enough to weld.
With regards to equipment I have a plasma, a tig, torches, and most related shop equipment. I thank you again.

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