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Looking for power hammer in New England

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I have a 20lb Anyang self-contained air hammer. It's already wired up, on a base... I used this hammer at the California and a BAM conference this last spring. It has maybe 10 hours running time. I would consider this hammer a demo hammer, so I will be selling it at a discount. -$3,700.00 plus I will give you 3 pairs of dies of your choice -(a $750.00 value)

Normaly, a new 20lb/w base fully set up, would cost $4,400.00

I can ship this hammer from Texas to the New England area for around $275.00-

The 20lb runs off of 110v, requires no special fundation, and forges up to 1x1 sq bar.

To read more about Anyang power hammers click on my web site below

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I build power hammers that use air from your air compressor, so-called utility hammers akin to the old steam hammers. New for 2010, I am currently building a 50 pound hammer head machine with a 25:1 ratio between the hammer head and the anvil+baseplate. This makes a very stable hammer with dramatic control and hitting power. It sells for $3500 at the factory loading dock. I've posted pictures of the one-piece anvil at farwestforge.com and I post there almost daily. Feel free to contact me through my website for more information about the Octagon 50 and bigger hammers if that is of interest.

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