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I Forge Iron

It didn't follow me, I had to carry it

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I haven't got a camera so I'll have to try to describe this:

Imagine a plate of 4'' thick steel, flame cut a hoop 3ft os dia and 4'' wide. Cut the hoop into quarters, leaving a tongue like a jigsaw piece about 2.5'' long so that the whole thing is still locked together. Now weld, onto the top of the tongue, one of those eyes that are used for lifting motors and dynamos.

I found this in a skip outside a private house a while ago. Has anyone got any idea what it is?

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I've already cut two of the bits into usable chunks. I really just want to know what it was... It's very nicely made, with clean cuts and tidy mig welding and it obviously had been kept in a dry environment.
The anchor idea has been floated by mates in the pub but the position of the lifting eyes (at one end of each piece) is illogical. I would imagine that it was expensive to make; not least because of the large amount of waste created.

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