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Forge welding wrought iron

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I tried to post this earlier but must have made a mictake so here goes again.

I have few pieces of wroutht iron that I'd like to forge weld.
They've been out in the open for years and have little surace rust.

They are real wrought iron.

Do I need to clean the area to be welded or just wire brush them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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i used to re work wrought iron ,mostly old chain ,anchors ,and boat iron work, salvaged from the sea bed, it was heavily coroded and covered with concretion,we used to knock of the heavy corosion with hammers and then it went into the forge and we welded it up then forged it to size ,the heat you should be working wrought iron at ,rust will be no problem it will come of with the first welding heat whilst you work up your iron.I still have several ton of old anchors in the yard some well over a ton each i will never work them up now ,so if you want to come over i will fill your truck.

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