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Wanted to say hi

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Hello all,

I've recently got interested in bladesmithing. Not sure at all how much I will like the whole of blacksmithing but I'm very interested right now. I have already made my first blade from and old Nichols file. I thought I would really like blacksmithing but yesterday went out with a piece of 1/2 rebar that I was going to make into a pair of tongs and hated it. I'm too weak and tired due to my disability for that kind of work. This has disappointed me because I was hoping to make some damascus billets to make some knives out of as well.

Anyways I wanted to stop and say hi and introduce myself. I ended up sidetracked explaining things. Sorry for my ramblings.



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Hi Shaun, don't let your 'disability ' put you off, there is usually a way around problems, all you have to do is find what works for you,
If you want to make damascus, you don't have to beat it, you can use presses, powerhammers, rollers, all sorts of other ways to do it, you could even get some friends over to strike for you whilst you guide them.

Good luck and don't give up wanting to achieve a dream, there are plenty who will help you on your way, if it was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing, far more satisfaction in achieving something, even if it falls short initially of waht you want to achieve finally.

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"disability"? last I knew, those were also called "challenges"... blacksmithing at its core is all about overcoming challenges. If you want to be a smith, you had better believe you can be a smith. As John said, you need some power or some buds to act as strikers that you can guide. Use your noodle and ask a ton of questions right here on the forum.

If you quit I will personally come across the country and put my foot in your 4th point of contact.

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thanks guys. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to quit. just modify what I was thinking. I've already started looking into one of the air over hydraulic presses. I'm sure not having a proper anvil has helped my situation. I have been using a 3x3" pad on the end of my vise so far.

thanks for all the encouragement guys


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