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I Forge Iron

Feather Pattern Bird and Trout Knife

Graham Fredeen

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Hey folks,

Its been along time again since my last post, but I've come back with my latest blade for you all to see.

Its a feather pattern bird and trout knife, done on commission for a custom knife collector in AZ.

152 layers of 1095 & 15N20, in a feather pattern damascus blade.
OAL: 8.25"
Blade length (tip to guard): 4"

Stainless Steel guard and spacers. African blackwood accent, stabalized curly maple handle, with a mosaic pin.





I also took the pictures. Finally took the time to build a photo light tent, does wonders, wish I had done it a long time ago.



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Thanks folks. Glad you like it. It was a fun little piece to do, and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Chuck, I didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter ;) . It wouldn't be very good business practice to sit down with a client and design a knife speciffically for them, have them wait a month for you to make the knife, while giving updates and pictures of the progress, only to get the knife finished and have them chomping at the bit to buy it, and then decide you want to keep it :P . Thats something one learns pretty quickly with bladesmithing/knifemaking, if you want to sell knives, you'll have to limit your love for them, or you'll be wanting to keep every knife you make and then you wouldn't be selling knives. I guess it would almost be like being a parent, with the knife your child. You love your children (in this case knives), while your raising them (making the knife), but there comes a time for them to head off on their own into the world, and while you'll always love them, you don't want to prevent them from doing that as they'll never reach their full potential, and instead end up to be a 40 year old living in your basement ;) . Since I'm trying to get my name out as a maker I've come to the conclusion that the best way is to get my blades out there to as many people as I can. This one (and most) went to a very good home. The future owner will probably baby the blade and care for it much better than I ever would.

AND, good to see another coloradan! If you ever want to get together sometime, my shop doors are open (not all the time, but whenever I'm in there ;) )


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Thanks guys. Glad you all are enjoying it. Almost wish I had a little more time with that one after I finised it, I quite liked it, and would have liked to get to know it a little better before sending it out on its own ;)

Been way too busy (as usual) so havent gotten any more blades finished. I have 3 integral bolster blades that are so close to being done, its seriously not funny. However, I've had to do some shop house keeping instead. For the past month I've had a metal lathe sitting right in the middle of the floor preventing me from doing any serious work, or forging any new blades. So it needed a stand, which I fabricated today, and got the lathe up on it, and started re-arranging the shop. Once things are back in order, I'll finally be able to get back to some blades.

Take care all, and have a happy Thanksgiving


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