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Anyone know about Eclipse Minimixer blowers


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Had three of these blowers given to me. They are rated at 2.8 WC and a Max Capacity of 550,000 & min capacity of 150,000 which doesn't mean anything since it doesn't give the unit of measurement. They are designed for natural gas but I intend to use them for propane. I got 6 Sticktite nozzles in
2" and 2.5" sizes which might come in handy if I ever want to make a chip forge (if they will work with propane???). I'm open to nay thoughts/suggestions/ideas. I'm building a ribbon burner forge and then these fell in my lap....God is good, never early, never late....

A question was asked about the blower so I posted a second shot of all three



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Since the orifices for natural gas are larger than for propane, because natural gas is at very low pressure compared to propane, you can try regulating your pressure down to pressures similar to natural gas, say 2psi or less, and see if it works with no modifications.


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