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?Use for large graphite blocks?

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Dad and I would carve shapes in carbon brushes for casting lead sinkers and lures. Things ranged from simple to interesting, even though it was an open face mold. Simple shapes worked best such as drilling something like a pocket hole, then carving an eye shape for teardrop sinkers. If the mold was slightly tapered to release the shape we had very good results, and a reusable mold. After 100 castings there were no visible deformations in the cavity or molded lead for simple shapes. The more complex shapes did not survive as long, only about 20 uses at best till detail would be eroded away.

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We used graphite for continuous casting dies, as well as crucibles. Graphite starts to oxidize above 800 degrees so the crucibles were used with an inert atmosphere.

Graphite is very abrasive on tools, Carbide works best, as HSS is eaten very quickly when milling.

If you can find out what grade of graphite, or possibly manufacturer you might be able to sell it. We used a lot of Toyo Tanso made graphite.

Google graphite uses.

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