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Wrist pins

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I have googled and searched on this site, but just can't seem to find the info. Does anyone have an idea what kind of steel piston wrist pins are made from? Would it be medium or high carbon? I'm guessing they would be pretty high in chromium as well. I just dissassembled a bunch of lawnmower engines and had a thought that sliding a mild steel rod into a wrist pin or two and forge welding them together might make for an interesting pattern-welded knife billet. Worth a shot or more trouble than it's worth?

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Odd Duck,

Chrome vanadium. Manufacturer specific. None of the engine guys are going to tell you the exact make up.

Did some jobs that had colt pielsticks, PC series Marine Engines. Terrible engines for sure. However, in one operational failure I wittnesed the engine consumed 3 cylinders after a piston crown seperated. The wrist pin was the hammer in the event. When we examined the wreckage, the wrist pin was virtualy untouched, not a scratch nick or dent. Very tough stuff.

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