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I Forge Iron

There's something about molten metal . . .

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I love pounding iron but there's just something about pouring molten metal that can't be beat!

I got to digging through all o' the old photos and came across some from a few of the bronze pours I've done with Jim Hansen in his studio. Jimmy and I have been working together for 10+ years now and at 84 y/o, his enthusiasm and desire to create and expand on new work continues to amaze me!








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beautiful photos chyan - i did quite a bit of bronze and iron casting at art college and there is nothing like it - magic!:) i have a little propane kind of portable crucible thing i bought from a school once and ive never used it yet but i fully intend to... liquid metal amazes me - thanks for the shots:)

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bentiron just looked at that thanks!- wow takes me back i just love it! looks very similar to iron pours ive done - looks like a rocket doesnt it? love the shots at the end. what was in the mold? like i said - MAGIC:) thanks for that - ps who are all the silver spacemen walking about???!

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Silver spacemen? Oh, that's just fire resistant suits. In that last mould was plywood and deck screws plated with some metal. It was the screws that made the violent sparks. It had a very interesting pattern on the c.i. at breakout. Another fellow had just a couple of the screws in his and it was just as violent. My pieces were done in ceramic shell so no fireworks there and they all turned out that year.

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Ah yes, the fond memories. I look forward to the day I have a furnace for casting up and running. Seems like there is always something more important in the way...
PS love the train whistle in the background on the video, so poetic

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Great video BI, Spectacular sight! Do you have any pics of what you cast that year?

Who were all o' the folk wandering around? Spectators or participants of other pours?

Pours at Jim's always turn into a social event with lots of spectators but we keep them well out of any operating area no matter how much protective gear they have on. I'm not fond of having to look over my shoulder when I'm hanging on to a cruce.

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