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dad's new mailbox

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well, those brackets around the box are riveted to the box, and the brackets do not slide off the scrolls, they were welded together after being put on the scrolls. and the post is in the ground 3 feet. If they can get any of it loose, THEY DESERVE IT!

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lol i say again, if they want to go to all the trouble, they deserve the 80 cents of copper. it's a main drag, if they can do it without getting caught, they have my awe.

and fear of folks stealing something isn't going to keep me from makin' something beautiful. Fact is, he needed a new mailbox because some local punks had a round of mailbox baseball in the neighborhood. And don't think that wasn't first on my mind. But it's not going to cause me to make a piece of garbage for my dad. If something happens to it, i'll build the next one like ft knox. either way he got a nice gift and the pictures of it will forever reside in my portfolio.

also smith and wesson handle security at my father's address.

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