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New Here.....First Question

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Hello! I have been lurking and reading for awhile and have a question. I am just getting started. I built a coal forge with an electric blower, have a couple of hammers, couple of tongs, and a brand new anvil (after 3 months of looking I just couldn't find a used one that was priced decent or not worn out). My forge is located outside my shop at my house. Will it hurt to leave my anvil outside? It is a 150lb anvil chained on top of a 20" Persimmon Stump. I could unchain it and set the anvil in my shop after each use, but it would be a lot easier to leave it out. I could cover it with a plastic garbage bag, but wasn't sure if that might be worse if it trapped condensation inside. What do you folks recommend?

thanks, Greg

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How is your neighborhood? Just picked up a 174lb on a bigger stump. 2 guys carried
it 30 feet then popped it in my truck.

I'm more worried about the rusting damage from being outside than theft. I am fortunate to have a retired neighbor who is home all the time and has a birdseye view of my shop from the front of his house. He finally learned what my dad's truck looks like and quit calling me every time dad went down to my shop to borrow something.
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