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250 lb Fontanini anvil

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Thought I would post an update on the 250 lb Fontanin anvil I bought this year. Very happy with it-great tool. Way different to work on from my 250 lb Hay-Budden. The european shape is nice to work on-the tail horn makes it easy to work on difficult areas of a piece. So far I really like it. The upsetting block is a great feature. I still have my Hay-Budden and use it just in case you were wondering, but the Fontanini is my main anvil. Beautiful tool, which makes it a real pleasure to work on.
Mark Emig

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Aren't these what used to be known as Rat Hole Forge anvils from Wyoming?


They are good-looking anvils.

Yes, they are formerly known as Rat Hole Forge. And I agree with you, I think they are good looking anvils too. I have called and talked to Steve a few times about his anvils. He is a really nice guy.
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Steve delivered my 250# anvil in 2007 while on his way to Albuquerque to visit the American Farriers' convention. I have enjoyed it. At first, I missed the step as a forming, 90 degree "vee block," but I found that the upsetting block can be so used.


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