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New to this. Fisher anvil?

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Hi there. I'm new to this so please bear with me...I have a Fisher anvil patent Apr 24 1877. I was wondering since I have no scale, how do I know the weight of this thing? or what type of anvil it is...blacksmith, etc.? The size is approximately 23" long, 11" tall, & 10" wide at base. I'm looking to move quite a long way from my current home and wish to sell it. I hope my pictures are good enough to help. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.







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Clean the rust off the face! is that merely a rust spot or a bad ding with the yellowish rust! (would change what I think it's worth by A LOT!)

It's a standard blacksmith's anvil; you may want to list the hardy dimension and if you don't have a bathroom scale a neighbor should have one (or ask a friendly Dr to use their scale).

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If I guess correctly within 10 lbs, can I have it? LOL

160 is my guess, by the way. I only say this because mine has approx. the same dimensions and weighs 162.

Can you measure the face, horn, etc so njanvilman can find out?

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