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Hey Denny, Anything to get started with. As a sage here said you just need something to hit on & something to hit with. Even if it isnt perfect you got a start. Just like starting off with a section of RR track, I-beam or other worthy subsitute you are still working and learning by doing. And when time and opportunity present it self you can upgrade and pass your old anvil onto another starting out.
Hope you get it & Get busy...Good Luck

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Most anvils used in the world don't look like london pattern anvils, the japanese swords are forged on an anvil with no horn, heel or hardy hole. Yet many folk think they do OK.

Buying a damaged *good* anvil is a lot better deal than buying a mint ASO IMNSHO!

I myself have my "outside" anvil that is missing the heel, hardy and pritchel holes. Cost less than 50 cents a pound and has a great face and a usable horn.

You can put a hardy in a postvise or make a stump holder for them and a bolster plate for punching holes will work way better than a pritchel hole.

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