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Punch in the face


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That is what I got yesterday after I hit it hard as I could with a 12lb sledge. I was driving the key out of the sow block on my hammer using a handled punch but as I don't have 3 hands I had the punch propped up so I could hit it. When I hit it off center it came flying up and hit me on the cheek. Once the stars cleared I reallised that rapidly growing red puddle was coming from me.
When I returned from the hospital I did what I should have done first, and built a jig to contain the punch and hold it in place while I hit it with the sledge. The other thing I did was move the treadle shield that had been sitting behind me interfering with my backswing. Not only were things safer set up this way but two good blows and the key was loose, fewer than normal.

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Hi J

good that you came out alright... it musta been the week for " die trouble"...

i'd just finish fitting and seating my die keys... ( using the blue and scrapping the high points for a tight fit) ..... guess i didn't think anything about it but my guides were dripping oil down into the dovetail..... and i tapped the key in and didn't check the channel...

-- later on when i was squaring up a diamond shaped bar... forging it on ends.... BANG... top die shot off the hammer and hit the far wall.. ... i mean its only a 50lbs hammer, what could go wrong... :o
- brake cleaned the groove and the dies stayed in fine... no problem pushing it hard...

maybe tellin these things will keep other safe

take care

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