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Hello from Oregon

Iron Clad

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Hello...New to this Forum even though I have been blacksmithing for many years. My wife and I just got home from the NWBA fall conference. Mark Aspery was one of the demonstrators at this conference. Wow! Did I learn alot. :D

Anyway, I learned how to blacksmith at Ft Vancouver National Historical Site a few years ago. Now, I have a blacksmith shop at home and another elsewhere in another town.

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Hey IC,

Welcome to IFI, It's a great place!

Glad to hear the conference was good - I just hated to miss it.
I did 5 years at FT V back in the 90's and early 00's - great place to start out.

Hey, jump up to your User CP and fill in exactly where you're from - makes it easier for folks here to give you a heads up on relevant local info.

Enjoy the forum!

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Well, I wasn't able to attend the Japheth Howard demo because I was involved in other things. I hear it was good though. I watched the Mark Aspery and Darrel Nelson demo though. Both were excellent as usual.

CHYANCARREK, it sounds like you and I were at Fort Vancouver at the same time. I usually smithed on Sunday. What days were you there? I wonder if we know each other?

Anyway, the name of my forge at home is Iron Clad Forge. My other blacksmith shop's name I will hold back until I get it completed and ready to open. (I'm undecided on the name!) LOL.

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