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Just hoping to hear some feedback about a welding company called Longevity. My old Lincoln TIG welder just quit on me, and I was surfing the net looking for a good buy on a new welder. I came across a company called Longevity. They seem to have pricing and warranty that is unsurpassed for there equipment, but I have never heard of them.

Here is there Link:

Plasma/Metal Cutters welding equipment.

Here is the Link to the specific machine that Caught my eye:

WeldAll 200PI

Let me know what you guys think and know.

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I just made a purchase of this machine through a Longevity sales rep over the phone. I checked out Ebay and found some similar machines Like there's but none Identical to the this machine. Also, most of the ebay sellers offered only a 1 year warranty. Longevity offered me a 5 year warranty + a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the machine. The rep over the phone was able to discount the machine for me + give me a discount on consumables and tungsten rods for the tig torch. I will try the machine through the 30 day trial and post a review.


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Pictures coming soon. so far the machine is coming along just fine. The machine is made in china, but so far, the machine is shown me nothing but quality welds and cuts. It seems to be a pretty solid unit all in all. Ive made a **** load of practice welds and cuts with it so far, and it has not hesitated. Ill post some of the welds that I have completed with it so far as soon as I can fine that darn camera!
Keep you guys posted.

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Here is a TIG practice weld that I did on some 1/4 inch mild steel. Not a complete weld, but it demonstrates the quality of the contstant HF. This machine starts an arc with the hand activation on the torch. I did this weld without the foot pedal that came with the machine. I am able to set the current directly on the machine. When I plug in the foot pedal, It takes over the amperage control of the machine. The amperage can be limited with a control knob on the foot pedal.


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