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quick drawknife.


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I have a pile of lodgepole pines out back that need the bark peeled off, so I made a drawknife this evening. The handles are turned from some maple I had, and attached to half inch mild steel. The blade is from an edger, and was tempered to a blue which seemed like a good midpoint without knowing much about the steel. I sharpened it up and it peels bark and knocks the top off the knots that get in the way.

Most of the projects I see on here are completed with much better attention to detail and finish than this. But this sucker gets the job done and only took a couple of hours total. It was fun.


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I really like it, plus the fact that it is still holding up means you got it made right. Plus if you like the looks it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks.

One thing to keep in mind especially with knives is that function should come first and foremost, then form. To me if a knife or tool as in this case doesn't do the job it don't matter what it looks like.

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