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I hope this is the right foum, a local antique shop has three swage blocks for sale at 65.00 each. The blocks have spoon shape and disk sapes as well as the usual edge shapes. The problem I see is that the depressions have a rough sand finish from the casting. Are these blocks rejects from the factory?

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The rough sand finish you're talking about could be pitting, but I can't tell without a photo. Most of the old Swage blocks I've seen were less than perfect and often had an orange peel like surface.

That is a good price if they are heavy.

I'd buy all three and resell two. The profit would make it worth it, and you'd get a free swage block in the process. They also make great trade stock.

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Quite likely that they could be some of the mexican cast swage blocks we see down here. Often with extremely poor castings heavily pitted and a real pain to get cleaned up enough to be usable---picture please?

If so they are not antique but rather less than 10 years old; I've seen then represented as antiques though.

Where are you at?

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