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Large Nanbokucho style Naginata

John Smith

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Ok guys I have been out of the shop for about a month now. So aside from polishing blades and stuff. I decided to forge my first Naginata and it is in the Nanbokucho period I love that period in Japanese history. It is a wide blade and is historical to the originals I have seen, and I have reaserched the specs and there are some even wider than mine. So having said that, the blade specs are as follows.

The steel is 1050. And I go it from a forum member, who's name escapes me right now
OAL is 36 3/4"
The Nakago is 15 1/2"
The Nagasa is 21 1/4" this may change as I bring the kissaki in a bit to even the balance out.
The Motohaba ( Mune-machi to Ha-machi ) is 1 1/2"
The widest point at the kissaki is about a 16th under 1 3/4
The blades thickness at the mune-machi is 1/4"

And once I am done draw filing the blade and have the shinogi set it will bring the mune in at the kissaki to about 3/16". There will be more sori once I heat treat it.
This blade look beefy but handles extremely well.

So here are some photos of the blade and my Fiance is holding it to give some depth.





Comments welcome

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Chuck I choose this piece of steel because I want some great activity in the habuchi once heat treated. I could have used some W-1 or W-2 and got great results, however 1050 is a very good steel to use. Plus 1095 does not fair well in water quenching, which is what I do for all my steel. Except 5160 which is oil quenched.

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