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I Forge Iron

Some recent damascus work.

John Martin

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I clamp the bar in the vice, and twist an inch or two at a time (ie 1 - 2" per heat) I then clamp the portion ive twisted in the vice and go at the next inch or two on the next heat.

You can then go back and even it up when the whole bar is twisted with a small pair of stilsons (pipe wrench)

Allways twist at a full welding heat, never be tempted to give it an extra half turn when the temps dropped a bit! :)

this is my best twisty piece to date,. you just have to go steady with it :D


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Okay, this is from a Damascus-maker-wannabe, so take it for what it's worth. M_brothers, I think it looks really good. I understand wanting to get your twists even. But I believe you're on the right track here. I'd love to see the finished product.

John, you always do awesome work.

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Your steel looks really good and your well and truely on the right track! (gonna be sweet little knives! :) I tried the twist it all at once method and could not get any consistancy at all (and twisted a couple clean in half). That why i started to do it bit at a time. It takes longer, but if youve got 10 hours work in a piece whats another 1/2 hour?

Dont be afraid to try getting your twists even on some mild steel before you try again on a nice piece of damascus!

Your work will come on in leaps and bounds now youve got the fundimentals sussed (and twising is hard on a billet, good test of your welding!)

Ill take a couple of pics of the first piece I tried to twist, youve never seen a more scrappy piece of steel!

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