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I Forge Iron

Here's my forge!


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Here's a couple of pics of my gas forge, this thing has worked well for quite some time. I scroundged up the parts and made the stand from old bed frame materials, I did buy the expanded material for the surface areas, I like this because all the unwanted stuff falls through. On the bottom of the forge I placed a 1/2 thickness firebrick for the floor, then lined it with kao wool coated with refractory. I then chipped off the firebrick you see to cover the ends creating a mouse hole. There is a mouse hole in the back as well but it is much smaller, just so you can pass longer pieces thru. By cutting these bricks in half they are moveable to accomidate larger pieces. Notice the magnet stuck to the left side, this I use to check for non magnetic heat when forging knife blades. One more thing that bears mentioning is if you look on the bottom shelf you will see a piece of kiln shelf, I place this into the forge if I am using borax for flux, during welding, this catchs the flux and can be removed and reused many times. Even though these kiln shelves are somewhat expensive, it's well worth it so you don't have to reline your forge as often. Also the z looking bracket at the front of the forge slides in and out on another piece of square tubing. Hope this gives someone ideas and therfore helps.

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