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Gathering/Planning for jewelers anvil

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I am new here, just joined last week. I never seemed to need an anvil in my shop. Used ones of any size are hard to find on Craigs.

I gathered today a few items that I think will work for a jewelers anvil by welding the components I have selected and then place the 2" sq. tubing in a vise. I don't think I will need a stand.

I have been using the flat on a Loews Wilton vise.


I will weld 4 separate shapes to each corner of the larger sq. tube.


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Looks like a plan to me. I suggest that before you weld every thing up that you put as high a shine on all of you various shapes as possible. It gets harder to polish them after weld up. It sure looks like you have a good variety of shape for forging and shaping just about anything you want to make in the way of jewelry.:cool:

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