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hello from bryan and a gyroscope


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hi! my name is bryan. i'm from the philippines. currently taking bs physics(theoritical). i have a project to make a gyroscope for my experimental physics subject. it is made from a lot of metal. i have no background in metallurgy or metal working and stuff like that so im taking a crash course. i was searching for plans and methods on metal working and i ended up here.

i was hoping that people here could help me how to work with metals particularly on methods needed to make a gyroscope. i was planning on using brass as my material for the gyroscope.

thanks everyone!

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Not too sure about gyroscopes, but as I remember from the toy one I had as a kid and what I've seen on science shows on tv, the key is balance, as would be the case on any spinning wheel. I would say that brass would make a fine scope. Turning this on a lathe?? If I was to make one, just sitting here brainstorming, I would make the frame from steel (Stainless;)??) and the wheel or "rotor" from brass. Brass seem to have built in lubricating qualities. Just an opinion. Use at your own risk. Sounds like a fun project though :)

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hi Bryan.
Nice to se some new people here :)
if there is anny wuestione about.. annything.. this is the right place to ask... ( i can tell.. :) ) hope you have a good time whit this site and find the informations you need for your work.

onece again nice to "met" you.

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Hi Barny,

Interesting! Gyroscope is a cool device to study. But I wouldn't forge it, rather as Dodge suggested, you'd have to use a lathe. Gyro has to be very precisely assembled. Maybe you could make a mold for the inertia wheel, and pour brass in? To you plan to have it motorised or launch it with just a cord?

Cheers from Taiwan


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