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I'm A Paw-pa!!!

Thomas Dean

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Colton Rae arrived one week ago today, 6# 8oz, 19" healthy with LARGE lungs! :)The situation is not good as the mother is not allowing much contact, we've seen him 2times this week. We called to see if we could see him this evening before we head home tomorrow, no answer,no return call. It has been that way for the last 2 months. NOT a pretty situation. Please pray for GOD's will.

On a happier note...I was able to attend the SWABA meeting today, (missed you Thomas P) and won the 'Blacksmith's Cookbook" by Francis Whitaker. What's so special about this particular copy is that it was given, to the gentleman donating the book(Joe Whiton),personally by Mr. Whitaker, signed and dated "To Joe Whiton from The Iron Man {'F'inside a diamond, Mr. Whitaker's touchmark} ABANA Flagstaff 1986". Did any of ya'll hear me SHOUT! Had a great time with this bunch and enjoyed the demonstations. Actually, Thomas, kinda glad you weren't there as that would have lessened my chances of getting this book! hehe. did miss ya tho.

Gone to bed, got 800 miles looking at me tomorrow.

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Thomas D., I hope things improve on the visitiation front. Sometimes new mothers are a tad possessibe (instinct?), and they learn to let go after a few weeks. 2 AM feedings are good in this direction! It may be that she will shortly see the benefits of having loving grandparents available so she can grab a bit of rest. I would advise sweetness and light for a bit and see what happens. Rewards come most often to those with patience. INMHO, anyway. Good luck!

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TOMMY & SUSIE-- Congrats on being Grandparents. I have a new one. Ann Marie Bennett was born the 28th of March. She and her proud parents live in San Angelo. Like ALL of anyones grand kids. She is beautiful. Almost black hair and blue eyes. She is number eleven.grin

It might take a while for the new Mom to loosen up. Kindness and thoughful reserve may be the best approach to your problem. Never quit 'trying' to show your love for the kids, Own or in-laws.

Things sometimes get twisted and turned. Not really showing a clear view, or giving any inkling as to how things should be handled. You just have to have patience. It will all work out in the end.

God Bless and good luck.

Chuck Bennett

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Many congratulations. we have given our parents seven grand children with one on the way. Get togethers are usually pretty fun.
I'll get the kids praying for you and your daughter-in-law. although I know that "new" mothers can be rather protective.

carpe malleus

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