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Nail Stakes/Concrete Forming Stakes

Tim McCoy

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New here - just building my first forge, brake drum, hair dryer, etc. Have acquired part of a truck tow hitch, "L" shaped weighs about 33-35# for beginners anvil - found a pick at a yard sale for $2.50 for a bick ... also had
aout 20 nail stakes (concrete forming stakes) follow me home - round, flat and sqaure. Anyone have any experiance using these? Also found a piece of steel plate cut to be the in concrete base for street lights ... about 18 x 18" with the center flame cut out for wires and holes cut at corners for the mounting bolts. Does cut with hacksaw ... slow, but it does cut. Would really like to know about the stakes though ... thought they would good to practice with. Photos to follow.

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Hi Tim;
Form pins are made of mild steel, and as such would be great to practice with. Try long tapers, making the round ones square, straight and the same size the entire length. When I started out I thought this was rediculous, but when I found out I couldn't do it, I started practicing. You will gain hammer control, and laern to flip stock 180 & 90 degrees. Work on projects at the same time so you don't get bored, but practice a little bit every day.

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