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Dear everyone,

Since our becoming a distinct group of Blacksmiths at Wheel at the Vaal 2006, and our starting a Forum for South African Blacksmiths on www.iforgeiron.com we haven’t only grown as a group, but we have also made contact with Blacksmiths in the far corners of South Africa. I have at this moment 44 Blacksmiths in six of the nine provinces of our country on record.
Some we know from iforgeiron.com, others from the Ystervegter forge in at Coenraad’s place and the forge in at Paul’s place, and the ever growing “Wheels at the Vaal” event.
This not even close to everybody that is involved in Blacksmithing. There are numerous lone smiths out there, that we don't know about yet.

If you are or want to be involved in Blacksmithing and you live in South Africa, or maybe in one of the neighbouring countries, I would like to put your name on our mailing list. If you want to be on our list, please send me your name and surname, email, cell phone, the area or town you live in, your level as you see yourself, for example, wannabe, amateur, hobby artist blacksmith, professional artist blacksmith, professional farrier, etc. Also what facility you have to do blacksmithing, basic forge, anvil, hand tools, at home, at work or at someone else, so that we have an idea of where each of us is and how people can help each other.
Of course the idea is that once the list is complete I will forward this to all of you, so that people can make contact with each other direct.

If you know of people that should be on the list, please give me their contact details, so we can include as many people as possible.

Also I would like to hear what you think about us starting an official Blacksmithing Guild or Association, and whether you would be interested in being a member. What would you expect from an Association like that.

The idea of this initiative is not to make money at all, I just want to help grow the Blacksmithing craft in South Africa, and I believe that networking between Blacksmiths is a very important key to achieve this.

Blacksmith greetings,

Wim van Dijk, Hobby artist blacksmith

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8 hours ago, Blacksnith Bear said:

Sent you a mail. Please check it out :) thanks!


Be aware the OP has not been here in over 3.5 years, If you hover your mouse pointer over his name, you can see the log in dates.


>You can drop me a pm, and I will try to ad you to the mailing list,

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