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Jerry Darnell's New Web Site

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I looked at Mr. Darnell's web site. As I used to be a software engineer when I had a real job, I have a few suggestions to improve his web site:

Frames format of a web site is the method of web sites that was fashionable and popular several years ago. Unfortunately the frames format used for his site, makes his website:
- look dated,
- has one frame overlapping another when looking at the site using Firefox browser,
- the frames format makes looking at and navigating the site more difficult
- makes it difficult for a person to print out a page of his site so that they can show something they want to purchase to their spouse.

It looks like Mr. Darnell makes nice products. It is unfortunate that his web site does not reflect the quality of design and craftsmanship shown in his ironwork. :(

On the other hand, I feel that you have a nice web page presentation. I would only suggest getting rid of the black background as it uses a lot of ink if someone wants to print out a page(s) to show their spouse stuff they want to purchase. Potential customers might be alienated if your web site eats their printer's ink cartridges. Black web pages are also considered out-of-fashion, and a bit gloomy to look at. :D

Hopefully these thoughts are considered helpful.

Just my opinion, mileage may vary.
Dave E.

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A very nice shop and setting.

Fine work, too. And the amount of finished pieces on hand!

I wouldn't be able to produce like that in ten life times.

Maybe I can get over that way sometime.

Thanks for sharing,


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