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Hello I need some advice

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I am a new member and wanted to say hello to everyone. I need ideas for
mounting a 58lb anvil that I have been using since I bought it 30 years ago.
I have been using it on the floor on a table or where ever I happen to be. I am finally tired of repositioning it while using it. Any ideas anyone?

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58# isn't that big, so all you mainly need is something that is stable while working. Will it be portable, or stationary? A stump will work, or some 4x4's laminated up. If you do a search for anvil stands you will find that there are a lot of preferences out there, so basically whatever works best for you. Getting the height correct for you will make working easier, and less strain on the arm and back.

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well ken first welcome aboard me personaly i like the stump really just a butt peace of a tree hardwood i use oak most people say around theanvil should be knucle height with your arm at your side i like it higher as my back tends to bother me if i lean over to much

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Hi Ken I use a metal stand now. I worked with Brian Brazeal for a year or so and made a few stands for him and myself. Between Brian and his brother Ed and me we believe any stand that is mounted to the earth and if anything was to move it would be the earth is the stand to have. I hope the picture helps and gives you some ideas



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