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My anvil(kinda) and first project

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Not much to brag about, but it's working okay so far, a section of rail about 18" long that I mounted to some 2x8 lumber that I laminated into a stand for it. On the top is my first project, a pitiful set of tongs that I really don't want to show a closeup of. They do work, kinda sorta. I've got to make a new rivet for them, the first effort didn't work out as planned. I am going to make some hardies to just slide over the web of the rail, and I am going to cast a swage block to go over the exposed wood on top.


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You have done all the "right" things with the rail, getting the mass under the hammer. The bench would be worth its weight in gold as well and could be used to mount a hardy holder if needed.

As for the tongs, don't sell yourself short on them. They look MUCH better than my first efforts.


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I think you've set yourself up nicely Odd.

The only really valid question for a pair of tongs is. Do they work?

I like your idea for mounting the hardy tools, I'll be very interested in how well it works. Another option for a hardy hole is to weld a 1" impact socket into the corner of the web and flange.

You're going to cast your own swage block? Are you going to use iron? Very cool, maybe some of the other guys here would be interested in one too, maybe turn a couple bucks.


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Thanks, guys. The tongs do work, to a point, but I think I can do better. I don't do a lot of iron casting yet, but from the sounds of it there may be some interest, so production might have to ramp up a bit. Let's see if I can actually make a hardy and/or swage first. Great. One more project. Oh well. :)

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Welcome to IFI OddDuck!

I see you decided to expand your metal working to include blacksmithing, thats great, this is the place to be if you want to learn blacksmithing, alot of profesionals on here.

Those tongs look better than my first.

I'ev also been contemplating making a swage block since it is unlikely I'll ever be able to afford one and have not had any luck finding one. I went as far as to start a pattern once but then changed my mind about the design and then never started it again, plus I'ev only done two iron pours, one just to try it and just poured a couple ingnots and then a 2nd time I just poured a small casting just to start to get used to iron but have'nt done any more since.
The only other thing stoping me is I don't have a crucible big enough to cast the size swage block I want. I'm just about done my scrap melter which I designed to take iron temps so I just need to buy a crucible large enough to hold the amount of iron I need.


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