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First Spike Hawk

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I am at a loss to what type of steel it actually is but a feller I work with is a ancient machinist and "he says" that most hammers are made from mid-range carbon steel. Somewhere in the 1040, 4140 range. The blacksmith who gave me the gumption to go ahead and try the hawk edge quenches his hawks in oil after reaching critical (non-magnetic) temp. He then, as did I, tempers to purple. I heated the eye with a propane torch and just watched the colors move through the hawk. I did this three times Quenched it in cold water when the edge was purple. Since I've posted the HT methods I used on other sites I've been advised that a straw color would be better for a hawk. This is my first one and we will see which works better. I did not HT the spike because I feel it is beefy enough to perform it's intended task. You guys are all great in my book and really know how to inspire further attempts with your generous comments. Hope to post more soon, Thanks!:)

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I used a drift shaped for tomahawk handles. You can find them online through several blacksmith supply firms or you can forge one out. I picked mine up at a rendezvous several years ago. I recommend drifting out the hammers head for your hawk "before" forging out your spike and edge you will get less distortion. Good Luck!

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