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I Forge Iron

Hi fellas ...


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Hi fellas I just stumbled onto this forum and thought it would be interesting. I dont however forge iron, at least not yet, but Ive been thinking about gettin into it. wood working is one of my hobbies and what an asset a forge and anvil would be. Alas, I have niether, nor much of an idea what to do with them. So my plan is to read some of your threads and try to figure it out.

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Welcome aboard Oscer, glad to have you.

A lot of current blacksmiths are "former" wood workers who just wanted to be able to make that special hinge or plane iron or. . . Oh they still have their wood working tools and even use them once in a while but once the blacksmithing bug has bit there's no getting away from it.


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Yes indeed, I started working metal so that I could make chisels and other tools for woodworking and found myself working metal more than wood, especially when prices for wood went out of sight.

Being able to work both wood and iron has its advantages as you can make stuff that others might not be able to make. Here is a wooden wheel that I made, complete with iron bearing/boxing, hub bands and an iron tire. Making a large banded wooden wheel tests both your woodworking and blacksmithing skills especially your precision. Bands and tires are correctly set warm, not hot, so that you don't end up with a layer of ash between the bands and the wood. Ash works its way out and the bands and tires then come loose. :D


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Welcome Oscer!

IFI is a great place to start out! Don't hesitate to chime in or ask questions.

Iron & wood love to go together! I like moving back and forth from one side of the shop to the other - it makes for a great change of pace when you're working on a project.

Here's one I yanked out of my member gallery photos


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thanks for the welcome aboard. I'm looking forward to learning something new, just dont know how much time I can put into it. I see how you guys mix interests here by making tools for your other hobbies, that's what got me thinking about blacksmithing in the first place.oscer

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