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I Forge Iron

I'm a new Guy!!

Jake Whitman

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I heard about this site, this last weekend from Brian Brazeal, He did an AWESOME, clinic for us!!! I am so Pumped- Up After!! We used all of our tools , and Expecially , our hammers , today!! I am a simple horse-shoer, but i have a love for forging, I love to learn ,and i have met some of the greatest -people , in the fire!! Much - Respect , to you guys!! I am glad to find this site!! Thank you Brian, and Karen!!

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Welcome aboard Jake, I would love to go to one of Brian's clinics but being in OZ its a long way to go. Brian is a great contributor to this site, his posts are always helpful and accompanied by great photos. If you got to the top of the page you can edit your User CP and let us know where your from.


Ian Ross

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I welcome you to I Forge Iron!
You will be in good company here at I Forge Iron.
It is people like Brian and Karen, and many other highly skilled people that make this site a unique foundation of information for people such as for your self and for me.
The wonderful part is that it is just a click away when you need it.
I will be looking forward to reading information that you will be able to share with us someday!
As a suggestion; Please take the time to read and understand all of the features this site has to offer. It will put you at the head of the line.
Ted Throckmorton

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