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"Antler drilling engine"

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I just completed an "antler drilling engine" as in Gene Chapman's "Nose to the Grindstone" book. I don't have a metal turning lathe, so drilled out the bushing on my drill press. The wingnuts are forged as is the beam on which the uprights are attached and the adjustable center. I had planned to forge the bolts as well, but wimped out. I think you can plainly see this was a blacksmithing project and not a machining project! If the uprights seem out of square with the beam...it's because they are!:( The hole through the center of the bushing is not perfectly centered not straight, so I tweaked the uprights so that the drill bit lines up with the adjustable center. Have not fully tested the "engine" but it seems to perform well in wood.:D

By the way...does anyone have a source for long "bell hanger" type bits with square shanks for use in a brace? I am looking for 1/4 inch by about 8 inches or longer.

Please comment/critique.

Thanks for looking...bart

By the way, that is my great-grandfather's vise. Dad recently gave me his grindstone as well...I need to make a frame/base for it.

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Here is a device that is along the lines of what you made. The main thing to note is the vertical adjustability for alignment. If you use vertical slots instead of holes for bolts then you will be able to align the two screws. You could also use a small round file and turn the two holes on the one side into ovals or short slots so that you can move the bar on that side into alignment. ;)



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