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I Forge Iron

Hello everyone

Dave Murray

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Welcome aboard Dave, glad to have you.

You'll find lots of farriers, past and present here. Many farriers look to saving their backs and knees by doing ornamental smithing. For some reason an awful lot of them seem to think they're going to have to learn a whole new trade or something.

It's not so! An accomplished farrier already has the most important skills, good hammer control, an eye for proportion and scale, precision and familiarity with most of the necessary tools.

You're going to LOVE making pretty stuff rather than well fitted stuff. Seriously, after you make a set of door pulls, hinges, pot rack, or whatever, folks will look at it and enjoy it for a long time to come, generations maybe, while the very best set of horse shoes ever made were almost immediately covered in manure with a horse standing on them. ;)


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