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Forged Medieval Dagger from File


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Hello all. I am new to the blacksmith forum, but I figure the best way to break the ice is to post this picture of a dagger I made from an old file and sold on ebay about a month ago. At 14 inches overall, it's the closest thing to a sword that I've made (yet). The diamond cross section is all forged in by hand and then ground, the blade was oil quenched and tempered to a full spring temper. I figure that with a weapon designed for use against armor, toughness is better than fine edge-holding capacity, no? Anyway, what are your thoughts?



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Daggers, were not meant really to go against armor, not that kind of dagger at least. Daggers were kind of an everyday tool, carried when it was not really practical to carry a sword. Daggers that were meant to peirce armor, maille mostly, were pretty much big non-edged spikes, with hardened points. A nice dagger like that would be used at the table, and at many other everyday tasks. Nice work.

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