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Thomas Dean and Ted T or anyone else that can anwser...


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I posted this in the "New to blacksmithng" thread started by cloud. I figured that maybe Thomas or Ted will see my questions better this way. :)

So here is what I wrote:

Thomas Dean, I think I may have wet myself when I saw that there was a blacksmithing event about 60 miles from where I will be at a time that I will be there. I have never picked up a hammer in my life with the intentions of shaping metal. Though since I was about 8 years old and saw the blacksmith at Greenfield Village in Michigan by the Henry Ford Museum I have always wanted to. Now that I have my own home and am out of the military, it is looking more and more every day like it will become a reality (my wife was a whole lot more accepting of the idea than I had thought she would have been and only laughed a little when I told her about my near life long dream.)

How would I go about attending the SCABA 13th Annual Conference? I will be in OKC for the whole month of October attending school at the FAA academy so those dates work out VERY well for me! Just to be there and watch would mean a lot! I don't expect anyone to let me pick up a hammer put smiley face shaped dents in their anvil....but if they did ...... :D

Ted T, since you are an fellow Utahan, is there anything like the SCABA here in Utah? Also, is there anywhere around us that sells anvils? I have been striking out in the places I have been looking.


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AWESOME!! The easiest thing is to copy the registration form and send it in. They will have your name and info from that and just show up at the conference! Look me up when you get there, I would enjoy meeting you and showing you around. PM me with your email and I will send you my cell # if you want more info.

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Jason, There is a blacksmithing group here in Utah it is called Bonneville Forge Council we meet every other month. We are meeting right now in Salt Lake City for our fall conference. We are having Ward Brineger demoing for us. He showed a slide presentation tonight and tomorrow he will be doing his demo looks to be really great. If you are interested in coming out to our events. Send me a PM. I can get you all the info.

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I would very much like to come out but I work swings this whole weekend. :(

This is by far the best forum that I have ever been on. EVERYONE here is so nice and helpful. On most forums, the people are quick to put someone down and make fun of their ignorance. I am very happy to have found this place and hope to some day share things that I have learned and experiences that I have had.

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