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I Forge Iron

Iron Man: Producing Suit Replica from film. help needed!


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Hi! I am an art degree graduate that has worked in photography but also fibreglass moulding and has some experience in casting/sculpting as well.

I have friend who is an expert in CAD modelling and is doing the designs for an exact wearable Iron Man suit in all its components from an initial scan of a model and using photographs to scale the dimensions to the actual movie prop.

I am looking for access (For a fee) to a 4 axis cnc router to produce the moulds/pieces in ABS. (ideally a 4 axis) In the UK. I am based in Bristol.

Does anyone have one or know someone that does?

My number is 07791230770 or email me @ supershot76@hotmail.com

Many Regards!

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While it is possible that someone on this forum might own or have access to a 4 axis CNC router in your area of the UK, most people on this forum are not likely to have such a machine. This forum is mainly comprised of individuals who heat up iron to high temperatures and then hit the iron with hammers to create "forged" items such as knifes, cooking tools, and art objects. You might improve your chances of finding a CNC router by either:
- Posting your needs on forums that specialize in CNC routers.
- Searching using a web search engine to find businesses that provide CNC router services.

If you would like to find out how to hot hammer/forge sheets of metal to make armor, then some of the folks here would likely be able to point you in that direction, as that would be within the purview of expertise of folks on a forum that specializes in forging iron. :D

I would also caution you against posting your phone number, email address or other personal information on the internet, as the Internet can be a dangerous place.

I wish you the best of fortune in finding a service that fits your needs.
Dave E.

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What Dave says with one exception.

Please post process pics of the project in progress. Besides I wouldn't be the least surprised if someone here either has what you're looking for or knows someone who has what you're looking for. Most of us have day jobs and most are near complete mysteries to the rest of us.

Just remember, we LOVE pics. ;)


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