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Why did I pass on that deal?

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I was offered a half/jeep for $1000 mostly complete. I had never heard of one and really couldn't spare the money at the time. I was ordering parts for my deuce and a half and made mention of it. The fella told me if the frame, body and rear track assembly even in bad shape was worth a minimum $10,000 as there were very few ever made and fewer yet still in existance. Got ahold of the fella who wanted to sell it, and he had changed his mind and decided to collect old military vehicles.

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Was that a "Burma" jeep? That was the one made by Ford and was open topped - I think it was called a GTB. I have an M37 right now that's a good truck but the 2-1/2 ton is a real workhorse.

I've missed a lot of deals, that's why I quit shopping...

Seriously, the only thing I can recall with regret was a lathe we had at our old plant. The equipment went up for auction and I bought the TIG and a blast cabinet but just could not justify the lathe. It was a nice 16x60 Victor, fully outfitted with a variety of chucks, collets, radii turning tools, etc., - all purchased new and with little wear. I'll bet the company paid $20K for all of it and top bid was only around $5K.

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