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I Forge Iron

From Humble beginnings: My smithy (so far)

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Greetings and Salutations

I've written quite a few posts since this last Spring regarding my quest for an anvil, tools etc

I just recently mounted my 180 lb Trenton on a fir stump and gathered up from the shed and garage most of the odds and ends I've acquired.

I know that there's not much here, and still it has taken quite a bit of combing through the weeds in order to put this rust-covered assortment together, and none of it has been cheap!

You can see the large pile of firewood in the background that my Grandfather was nice enough to deliver.
It's unfortunate that the most convenient and least unsightly place in the whole yard to store this wood is the future site of my smithy :(

Anyways, thanks to all of you for giving me so much useful advice The purchase of just about everything here was influenced and/or inspired by this forum in one way or another.

Thanks for looking


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Brasilikilt, be very careful, this is how the addiction starts, first a few tools, an anvil, and before you know it, you have expanded your shop 3 times, piles of metal appear out of nowhere, late nights reviewing e-bay and upcoming auctions, birthday present requests for classes at far away locations. The desire to find a forge no matter what town you visit. And books, ah God, the books, they just keep piling up, then the power hammer egads man, back out now while you still have the chance, run for it I say!!!!

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That is better than I have done as far as acquiring the tools of the trade. I have a good lively style forge now, but still need a hand crank blower. I have a little rail anvil as I have not been able "yet" to find a full size anvil that I want, but then, it works pretty well, so I am set. I found what I originally thought was a deal on a post vise, but it is some kind of frankenvise and needs more work yet before I am happy.

Nice job and don't worry about the addiction, you wanna make a living at it. Just get the forge fired up and start makin' stuff.

Great job and Best regards,

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Ohh yes, the addiction has already taken root!
I might as well be injecting coal dust and wrought iron particles in my veins :o

I should clarify....the wood pile isn't NEXT to where my smithy will be, it's sitting right on top of where the forge, anvil and post vise will be.

I had an idea to expand my "10'x12' Tuff shed (the yellow wall in the background) out 8 feet into this area, but for now I will try to move the firewood into the yard trailer and perhaps scrounge up some lumber to make some type of roof and enclosure to see me through the winter.

I plan on mounting the post vise to an old railroad tie that's buried upright in the ground, or something different if anyone has a better suggestion ;)

Ohhh I also don't have everything yet........I have hammers, a good anvil tongs.......What's missing?????

Thanks for looking

Iain out

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OK that is all you really need .............STOP NOW before its tooooooooo late. I've learned you have to save em' early in order to prevent endless trips to other parts of the country bidding against guys that are five times your age and seem to have exactly 3 dollars more than you were willing to spend on a nice William Foster anvil. What they are going to do with it, you wonder as you drive home empty handed. Not that I would have any experience in these matters. Happy Forging and oh yeah you need a much larger pile of scale around your stump... work on that will ya'.

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