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I Forge Iron

Hi I am mac


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Thanks to Glenn I'm finally on the forum,I've had troble getting on for almost a yr. and got ahold of Glenn and he made it work,thanks again Glenn. Being new to this forum I hope to be able to learn from you folks,and keep up with Ian and his jorney,I also hope to be able to help others,I am a welder,I do casting not to much forgeing but thats why I'm here, to learn from you pro's I live in Oklahoma City,so if anyone is close give me a shout at jmac147@cox.net,I look forward to chatting with all of you.

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Hey mac,
Welcome! I too am a welder though I don't do it for a living any more. Did so for 20+ years. Mostly mig on mild GMAW as well as FCAW. Hobby smith for the most part but this is certainly the place to learn. :)

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Howdy Mac, and welcome to the group! I am a welder also, been at it since '73, maybe one day I'll get good at it. You being in OKC you are close to some fantastic smiths; Bill & Diana Davis, Gerald Franklin, Larry Mills, & Sweany. There are a bunch more but I think these are the closest to you. Check out the Saltfork Craftsmen Assoc., there is a meeting most every weekend of the month in your state. If you ever get to the Longview, TX area give me a call!

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