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I Forge Iron

napkin holders for a windy day

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I was going through some old copies of "the hammers blow", and saw what looked like a fun little project that my wife would like, specifically because we just got back from a trip that we could have used one of these on, and so off to the forge I went. The difference was that the drawing I had was round stock, and I wanted to do some square stock, so I could toss some twists into it for a touch of flair, or class, or jua de vive, or however you say it!! And as my buddy John Rausch always says, if you are gonna make 1, might as well make 2. Here they are. I'm trying to get a blueprint done for tomorrow night on these. Oh yeah, and a little rebar snake I was fooling around with at our chapter meeting.

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Very nice job as usual Mike.

I agree I think the twisted sq. looks better than rd. probably would.

I'm thinking of a couple variations that might look nice too. Perhaps putting a matching but reversed bend in the top bar for instance. Another thought would be to bark texture rd. and make it look like a branch.

Thanks for the pics and ideas, you've got my imagination off and running.


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