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I Forge Iron

Hello all y'all!


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Hello everyone. I thought that I should introduce myself. I first became interested in smithing when I went to horseshoeing school in '97. It was about the second week of a six week school that I decided that I liked smithing better than shoeing horses. I have smithed on and off since then, but not very regularly. I have decided to cut out some other hobbies and start doing more smitning. I had a propane forge but I got rid of it when I moved from Oklahoma to Montana last year and I am kicking myself now, but I recently got my first coal forges. Note the plural :). Both of them free. I have a 70# NC anvil, a couple hammers and a couple pairs of tongs. You all give great information and I appreciate it. At times I will have questions and I thank you in advance for answers. Any smiths from Montana holler out. I would like to meet you and ask, ask, ask.

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