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Howdy from deep South Texas


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Hey there guys. Name's Scott and I'm as far south in Texas as you can get :) Brownsville, Tx. I've been interested in blacksmithing for a little while now and just built my brake drum backyard forge about a week ago. I've searched the area for a smith with no luck. I would love to find someone relatively close to learn from as well as any advice you guys who have a passion for the art can give.

I'm using a piece of track as an anvil and as i've read and experienced it's difficult...i've been to the scrap yard a few times and haven't found anything solid/thick enough to serve better though. Right now I'm working on shaping a RR spike into a general blank or semi-shaped blank that i can then grind.

I'm looking forward to interacting with you guys and gleeming some info from ya :)

Thanks guys and gals!

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hi there chow !:) you'll get all the advice you need on here - there will be someone somewhere on here from your neck of the woods - sounds like you got what you need to get yourself started anyway. look forward to seeing some of your work:)

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Balcones Forge meets on the last Saturday of the month. This month (tomorrow) the meeting will be held at Mission Espada in San Antonio. There are a lot of good people that belong to the organization and are very willing to share their knowledge and skill.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Good to have ya. Along with Balcones there is HABA, the Houston area bunch. Not sure when they meet, they too are a great source to learn from. If ya ever get up this far give me a call, my shop is always open and would love to have ya stop by. Just 120miles east of Dallas off I-20.

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Welcome aboard Scott, glad to have ya.

Don't worry, there are plenty of Texicans sweating over anvils in your neck of the woods and you'll get plenty of invites if they know you're around and looking.

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it can make a big difference. IFI is represented by members from more than 50 countries and a lot of info is location specific. Also, if local folk know you're around they can invite you to gatherings, tip you to tool deals and offer hands on help.


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