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Traditional wedding gift ideas

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something that involves 2 pieces melded together , like some kind of tree with a vine where the tree represents one of the couple and the vine the other and both make one or something along those lines, perhaps a leaf that envelops an other leaf and the branches twist together making them one something like this.


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I am not married, and starting to wonder if I ever will be, but I think I would stay away from making it too commemorative of the wedding. I know folks who got commemorative items which now reside in closets, and garages. Kind of like all of those various holiday decorations that only get used at that time of year. When would a wedding item get used-during the anniversaries? I would make something that may have the symbolism that you are looking for yet would be able to be displayed, or used throughout the year.

Hmmmm, for traditional you could make a ball and chain.:D All hand forged of course.

A little more information about the couple would help too. What part of the country do they live, hobbies,etc....... If they are older, have lived together for any length of time, or were previously married then they probably have the basics. If these are the case than something unique would be in order. If they are just starting out items like knives, trivets, hooks for various uses, shelf brackets, plant hangers, door knocker, wind chimes, dinner triangle/bell, BBQ tool set, fireplace tools , or a house sign with their name IE; The xxxxxx's, would be good. A lot will also depend on your skills.

A word on the Damascus knife blanks. I have seen some that looked great, but were not quality. Checking into them closer I found that most were made in India, or China of questionable materials.

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