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my first almost finished knife


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ok so there's this thing on top of the page that keeps telling my i havent posted in week's...week's heck the last post i made here was like a year ago...lol
So here i post a few pix of my first knife, it's not done, no handle or finish and i still have to figure out what to do with the saw back on it, guess i should have put more thought into it before i wend and ground the slits into it but oh well i'll figure something or if ya'll got an idea please feel free to chime in your thoughts.
i was thinking of cutting "X"s into each of the lands on the spine where i cut the slits so it would be like a bow saw blade but haven not yet decided.
i also have not yet done the heat treatment on it either till i get it right but you see even now i hacked a nice log of Oak and it didnt dull or mushroom a bit even though it's not yet hardened.
So i started with an old jeep leaf spring, heated it cut it to shape and straightened it out as best i could and then got on the files, angle grinders and belt sander to get it to this point and all done in my charcoal fueled kitty litter made washtub forge that i made myself last year and finally got to working on some bigger stuff with.
so that all for now, next will be tomahawks for my boys going back to iraq and afganistan and some of my other friends that want them and some knives as well, now if i could just get this down pat i could do some production to fill orders for my friends and who knows after that?








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well a bit of both i guess, heat to straighten the steel then hot cut (tricky) shapes, trim with hammer and then dressing with grinder/belt sander.
i could have done a better job with the hammer which would be less with the grinder/sander for better flatness, it has some low/high spots from hammer hits but hey it's my first so even i'm gonna cut me a a wee bit 'o slack on this.
it's a bear and hacks logs with easy and it's not even sharp yet (not done yet either,LOL) i was thinking a woodsmen/survival type knife and this is what i came up with.
Also thx for the compliment, i forgot that till after i hit send...lol

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That is a serious hunk of steel. Looks like it will do anything you ask of it. Make sure you post pictures when you decide what to do with the back and get handles on it!

well today i got some Walnut but i dunno if that will do the trick, we did cut some cherry for my dad today for some wood carving he is doing and that seemed allot harder and more durable and then as well i was thinking a composite but i would like to keep it field repairable if the handle cracks of breaks, so in other words i dont have a clue yet....lol
any suggestions are more than welcome and when it's done i'll post pix for sure.
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I would go with Micarta for that brute. Very tough and has a no-nonsense look. But wood is good too.

i found knives-r-us or something like that that has the all the goodies, G10, micarta, carbon fiber, ect for nice price and with colors, thx for the lead it was a big help.....now to decide just what synthetic to use :confused:
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