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Hello and first question

Pawel Guba

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Hello, I'm an artist blacksmith from Poland and have recently set up a new workshop and gallery in the West of Ireland. In Ireland so far I've been using a gas forge or simply concentrated on projects that required more welding than forging. Now I'm trying to get coke for my traditional forge, but it seems like it's nowhere to be found in Ireland. Does anyone know where I can get coke in Ireland...or UK? I'm not really looking for a bulk order, maybe like 100kg or so for now to try it out first. Can anyone recommend any suppliers or anyone from UK who ships to Co. Mayo in Ireland?

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hi pawel i think Myloh on the forum here is in ireland.... i hope i got that right - why dont you mail him and ask where bouts he is? Love your work by the way! am amazed!! cant wait to see what you make next:)

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It looks like you've been on IFI a while and I can't believe this is the first time I've looked over your web site. WOW! What a body of work and it's such excellent work too.

Speak up a little more often will you? I'd sure like to sponge any info off you I can.


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