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The Blacksmith's Craft


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The Blacksmith's Craft
an introduction to Blacksmithing for apprentices and craftsmen
published by Rural Development Commission
first published in 1952
Printed and bound in Great Britain by Biddles Ltd, Guildford and King's Lynn
ISBN 1 869964 14 4 RDC 10/95/1K

A very useful book. There are 37 lessons in it. Pictures along side of explanations. The last line in the introduction is ..... "A smith who has mastered these thirty-seven lessons will know the essentials of his craft." That is a little misleading, I think you will know more then essentials and be very good at your endeavors.

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This is a quality publication and when you think of when it was first published, the photography is first class.
I agree with the first reviewer by the time you mastered all the lessons in this book you would well beyond the beginner level. It is not a book about decorative blacksmithing it is engineering blacksmithing being taught. Some of the information reflects the era of post second world war England when there were still small rural shops making agricultural equipment for their local area. The skills illustrated in the lessons however are still relevant of decorative today and are well worth 'sticking at it' to learn.

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